The #rpg-hub chat room has a set of rules that should be adhered by. Please note that these rules apply only to the #rpg-hub channel, and not all of the communities on DarkMyst. Please be aware of these rules before joining the channel.

  • Advertised communities must have an established presence on the DarkMyst IRC network. Soliciting potential players for communities located outside of DarkMyst (i.e. forums, MMOs, other IRC networks, etc) is strictly prohibited in public or private messages. Doing so violates network policy and will result in being banned from DarkMyst.
  • It is strictly against the rules for someone to encourage a player to not join a particular community or to speak negatively about another community.
  • Channels should refrain from being overly aggressive about promoting their game, beyond the course of casual conversation where it happens to come up, or when answering inquiries about what games are available on the network. Users or channels that consistently “try too hard” to promote their game risk being banned. The ultimate goal of the channel is to find players the game that is right for them based off what they’re looking for, even if it is not your own channel.
  • This project is a neutral and network-sponsored channel, meaning no role-playing community will have more influence or power over its decision-making process or operations.
  • There is zero tolerance for power struggles, trash talk, or drama with others players, communities, or the network staff involved with this channel. People are expected to behave respectfully regardless of any circumstances. Failure to comply with this could result in a channel ban on both communities/offenders until the dispute is handled independently and outside of the channel.
  • Open discussion is encouraged in the channel, particularly concerning role-playing. However, if a user is seeking assistance with locating a game or learning about IRC RP, we ask that folks allow the conversation to direct to them.
  • Offensive or inappropriate behavior – i.e. derogatory or racist remarks, being overly sexual, or excessive swearing – is prohibited. While RPG-Hub is not a kids’ channel nor does it need to be PG-13, we ask that you use common sense and proper judgement in your conversations.
  • If you have an issue with a user in the channel, please do not take it upon yourself to take action on your own. Instead, message a channel operator to help resolve the dispute.
  • Role-playing communities on DarkMyst are not required to participate in the channel. Doing so will have no negative consequences on your channel.